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Rahul Dev Burman (commonly known as pancham among his fans) rated as one of the most innovative and versatile composers and will be known as the first to about the fusion of western rock and jazz with Indian classical music. Much of his early work was considered to be inspired by foreign composers and for that reason Pancham most of the time accused of being imitative but he proved that within the ambit of being imitative, one can be creative. You can bring your own stamp even to a tune whose base is borrowed. This RD consistently did and did it magnificently.. and Today, when so many of RD's tunes live on in the mind and heart after his death, the generation is constrained to revise its view.

Most of the peoples interaction with Pancham might be through his popular scores like Aandhi, Kati Patang, Amer Prem, Ghar, Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Parichay, Teesri-Manzil, Caravan, Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahin, Mehbboba, Sholay, Shaan etc etc...In that case they might be missing some real Pancham gems since most his movies (at least 23 in a row) got flopped or didn't do good at all on the box office. Here is some of my favorite and slightly lesser known numbers ,of course, not any more among his die-hard 

.I would be updating this page regularly for different sections such as Prelude,/Movie-Title Scores and their b/g music and would also love to extend this idea with my other favorite music composers!!! If you have any views to either add or improve this idea please don't hesitate to let me know...





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